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Believe It Or Not There Is A Town Called Lahore In The United States

The U.S. Embassy Islamabad recently Tweeted the interesting fact that there is a town by the name of Lahore in Orange County, Virginia. According to the Tweet, the American city has existed since the 1850s, when a couple living there named it after Lahore, Punjab. However, it gained popularity relatively recently in 2007, thanks to popularising efforts by Noor Naghmi, a financial services professional and the son of Pakistani broadcaster Abdul Hasan Naghmi. Naghmi bought 235 acres of land in the town from a farmer for 3 million dollars. He intends to convert this land into a tourist attraction for South Asians as well as other communities in the U.S.

The land Naghmi bought includes the center of the town. He plans to build a banquet hall in the likeness of Shalimar Gardens, a library and a museum in this space. Moreover, he intends to open a bed and breakfast, serving Lahori specialties like naan channa. Similarly, he wants to celebrate the festival of Basant annually in the town. However, to date, these plans remain on paper and have yet to see the day of light.




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