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DG ISPR Says Will Offer ‘Chai Paani’ To PDM Leaders If They March To Rawalpindi

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Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR) DG Major General Babar Iftikhar, in response to a question, expressed regret over what he termed as attempts to drag the security institutions into politics and said that they (the military) would offer “chai-pani” (tea and water) to leaders and supporters of the Pakistan Democratic Alliance (PDM) if they march to Rawalpindi, as has been indicated by the head of the 11-member opposition alliance.

He was asked about a statement from PDM chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman, who has said that the opposition alliance could march towards Rawalpindi instead. General Headquarters (GHQ), the military headquarters is located in Rawalpindi.

“I don’t see a reason for [PDM] coming to Pindi. If they want to come, we will offer them chai-pani and look after them. This is all I would say,” the military spokesperson said

Answering a question about the criticism the military receives, he reiterated that the military has rendered sacrifices and would continue to do so. “The military would have responded if there was any truth in it. There is not truth in the allegations. The morale is high, not just of the army but of the families of all our martyrs,” he added.

Questions regarding the challenges Pakistan faces during COVID-19 and the security domain were also asked at the conference. To these questions, DG ISPR responded: “We have stayed the course and we will stay the course.” He further stated that the challenges that Pakistan faced were overwhelming but as a nation, Pakistan stood resolute.

Regarding the Mach incident DG ISPR told the media that no terrorist stronghold was found in the country. He further explained that there were small unorganised groups but no evidence of an organisational infrastructure. He also said that the army chief will be visiting bereaved families of the Machh coal miners this week.


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