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Company Hired To Probe Sharif Family Ironically Seeks Their Help

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The asset recovery company, Broadsheet, which was directed to investigate the offshore property of former prime minister Nawaz Sharif some twenty years ago by Gen Musharraf, has ironically sought assistance from the Sharif family.
Dawn reported that the company has asked the Sharif family to assist them so they can secure outstanding funds owed to the firm by National Accountability Bureau (NAB).

The Sharif family is said to have declined the company’s request for assistance. An email was sent to Sharif family’s legal team on November 6 which read :“Our client is undertaking an enforcement action against the IRP [Islamic Republic of Pakistan] at this time. We continue to explore whether there are further assets held by the IRP in this jurisdiction. We anticipated that your client may be aware of which bank, for example, the IRP uses in the UK for its commercial banking arrangements — is your client willing to assist our client?”

In response to this emails, Sharifs’ legal team refuse to assist assist Broadsheet with its enquiries.

Broadsheet LLC which was registered in the Isle of Man on June 20, 2000 and has helped the Musharraf government track down foreign assets purchased through alleged ill-gotten wealth is now under the supervision of a court-appointed liquidator for contempt of court in unrelated proceedings.


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