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Cannoli Cafe Staffer From Viral Video Speaks Up, Says Was Not Humiliated

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Owais, the hotel manager from the viral Cannoli Cafe video in which his bosses are telling him to speak in English, has said that the video was not made to insult or embarass him. Instead, it was only for “fun”.

When asked about the incident and how it got so much attention on social media, Owais shared further details. He said that while he was happy that many people supported him against potential abuse, the video that went viral was only a “fun video” and there was no intention of humiliating him behind it.

Owais also talked about the working conditions at the restaurant and said that his relationship with his employers is just the same as it is in other places between employees and employers. He said that he has worked at the cafe for 10 years and the reason he has stayed put for so long is that he has always worked with honesty. Owais also said that his employers are very supportive. He does get scolded when he makes a mistake, he added. All in all, he said, the working conditions at the cafe aren’t bad.

When asked if he would leave the cafe and go work somewhere else as many other places are offering him jobs, he replied that he has worked at Cannoli for 10 years and will continue to work there with honesty like he always has.

The interviewer also asked Owais if the owners were strict or ever made him feel small. He replied that his relationship with his employers was professional and that they’d never gone out of their way to reprimand him. He said, of course when something goes wrong, he is asked questions and held responsible because it is his job to keep everything running.

The video turned out to be taken by the son of one of the owners. Concluding the interview, Owais once again thanked the people who had expressed their support for him but insisted that the video was not made with any ill intentions.


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