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Cannoli Cafe Owners Under Fire For Humiliating Employee On Camera

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A video made by owners of the Cannoli Cafe in Islamabad went viral on social media wherein they had put their manager of 9 years on the spot, asking him to speak in English in front of camera, to prove that they helped improve his English by making him take English tests. When he does speak and answer their questions, they laugh at him humiliatingly and end the video.

This video of approximately of a minute and half went viral on social media with everyone calling out the owners for insulting their employee.

Soon after, #BoycottCannoli started trending on Pakistan twitter and currently the hashtag is at number 1 (the trending is subject to change by the time this report is published).

The restaurant has issued a statement but many have called it only an attempt to save face.

Social media users including celebrities have condemned what they called an act of humiliation and elitist privilege and called out the owners for their lack of empathy.

Some of the tweets calling them out are featured below:


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