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Anchor Imtiaz Gul Resigns From PTV Citing ‘Sycophantic Conditions’

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Journalist Imtiaz Gul announced that he has resigned from Pakistan Television (PTV) after he was taken off air from his talk show for unknown reasons. In a tweet announcing his resignation the journalist wrote, “ I have resigned from PTV after I was taken off my show for unexplained reasons. I staked my journalistic career for+contribution to national TV but unhealthy, unprofessional, psychophantic conditions left me with no option.”

He also complained of lack of professionalism at PTV. “Thanks but didnt realise even a career journalist would be treated the way they treated management-no regard 4 professional work but for compliance, sychopancy, coward officials who refuse 2 speak up even 4 the right things.”

Imitiaz Gul joined PTV in May 2020.
Earlier, journalist Owais Tohid had left PTV citing censorship woes. He had complained of “one-sided pro-government coverage” as reason for his resignation.


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