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#AbQuettaNahiGharJao Trends On Twitter As Users Outraged Over PM Imran’s Remarks Against Hazaras

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Prime Minister Imran Khan is facing severe criticism for his statement that the Hazara mourners cannot “blackmail” him into coming to Quetta, even after the Hazaras have buried their dead. Critics say that the PM should now refrain from going to Quetta because he refused to do so when his presence was needed most.

The heirs of the slain coal miners were protesting in Quetta and demanded that PM visit them or they won’t bury their loved ones.

However after late night negotiations with the provincial government, the mourners buried the bodies. PM Imran Khan is also reportedly going to visit Quetta now along with Chief of Army Staff Gen Bajwa.

Twitter, though is having none of that and the hashtag #AbQuettaNahiGharJao is tending number one (the trending is subject to change within minutes). Many of the tweets state that there’s no need for his visit now as everyone knows he’s “apathetic” and is only going now for “saving face.”


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