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7-Year-Old Khairpur Girl’s Rapists Turn Out To Be Her Own Cousins

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Fresh probe into the murder and rape case of a seven year old Momina Larik in Khairpur have shown her own cousins to be the perpetrators of the heinous crime.

Investigating the case, police took 124 DNA samples. Results showed that it were the cousins of the victim who had first raped the little soul and then murdered her. The culprits were identified to be Abdullah and Saleem Larik.

However Momina’s father still refuses to believe this and has urged police to take another DNA test. “I want the police to conduct the DNA test again. I can’t believe my nephews could do something like this.”

Upon their arrest the two suspects confessed to their crime and cited revenge as their reason. They claim they were avenging the murder of their own sister.


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Naya Daur