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Saudi Arabia To Provide Rs640m Equipment For Mansehra Hospital

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Saudi government has decided to supply over Rs640 million worth of hi-tech surgical equipment and machines for the King Abdullah Teaching Hospital, in Mansehra, said Deputy commissioner Dr Qasim Ali Khan. The Saudi government has taken this initiative to help improve healthcare in the district.

Addressing an open kutcheri, Dr Qasim said “Most of the health issues raised by you will be addressed after the supply of surgical equipment and hi-tech machines by Saudi Arabia for the King Abdullah Teaching Hospital,”

Furthermore he said that number of beds is being increased from 350 to 550.

Other than an ineffective medical system, Manshera city also faces shortage of drinking water. Talking about this issue local MNA Babar Saleem Swati appreciated Prime Minister Imran Khan and Chief Minister Mehmood Khan over intervention for the approval of the gravity flow water supply scheme and over Rs4 billion funds for it.


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