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Punjab Police Arrest PTI Multan Leader Mistaking Him For PDM Worker

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Punjab police reportedly arrested a local Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader Hamid Rafiq in Multan thinking that he is a worker of the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM). PTI MPA Sabeen Gul submitted an adjournment motion in Punjab Assembly over the Punjab police’s act of making an arrest over mistaken identity.

Hamid Rafiq, who happens to be the deputy coordinator of the PTI’s Youth Wing, was arrested ahead of the PDM rally in Multan held on Monday after the police accused him of planning to participate in the opposition’s rally.

PTI MPA Sabeen Gul claimed in the adjournment motion that the SHO concerned also abused the ruling party while arresting Rafiq. She called on the provincial government to take notice of this behaviour of the police. She further said that the police violated the said PTI leader’s privacy and broke into his house to arrest him. She said that the police officials responsible for this incident must be held accountable.


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