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PM Imran Handpicked Hamza Ali Abbasi As His Interviewer On Hum News

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Prime Minister Imran Khan reportedly handpicked actor Hamza Ali Abbasi to interview him on Hum News on Saturday evening.

Senior journalist Murtaza Solangi, during Naya Daur’s live show, quoted his sources as saying that Hum News had requested PM House for the interview. When their request was granted, the management was asked who will conduct the interview. The PM did not agree to the given names and Hamza Ali Abbasi’s name was then suggested by the PM House, to which the channel agreed.

Since Hamza Abbasi is not associated with Hum News in any capacity, the interview generated controversy on social media. Considering Abbasi’s support for the ruling party, people on social media commented that the PM is mostly interviewed by those who are known to be his supporters.

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  1. Jimmy December 5, 2020

    And nayadaur is a mouthpiece for all anti govt riff raffs pretending to be professional journalists!


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