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Pakistan Allows Saudi Crown Prince MBS, Other Royals To Hunt Houbara Bustard

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Pakistan has allowed Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and two other members of the royal family of KSA to hunt the internationally protected houbara bustards.

Dawn reported that a special permit was issued to the Crown Prince and other royals to facilitate them for the hunting season in 2021-21.
Among the Saudi officials issued permits are two governors and one of them is said to be a defaulter as he had failed to clear the hunting dues for the year 2019. Hunting areas in Balochistan and Punjab have been reserved for the Saudi officials, a source told Dawn.

The list of authorised hunters sent to the Saudi embassy in Islamabad included the name of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.
Houbara Bustard is internationally protected from hunting through various treaties and laws. Pakistanis cannot hunt it, but the Arab rulers have been known to hunt Houbaras in Pakistan during the winter season.

Prime Minister Imran Khan had in the past criticised the PMLN government for allowing Saudi hunters to hunt the houbara bustard in Pakistan.

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