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Justice Isa’s Wife Urges SC To Remove Imran Khan As PM

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Supreme Court judge Justice Qazi Faez Isa’s wife Sarina Isa has called on the apex court to remove Imran Khan as prime minister for alleged non-disclosure of assets and tax fraud.

Express Tribune reported that Sarina Isa submitted additional grounds in the court to support her review petition that she had earlier filed against the June 19 SC verdict directing the tax authorities to verify three properties in her and her children’s name.

Levelling serious charges against the PM, Sarina Isa termed Imran Khan a ‘tax cheat’, saying that he concealed his three children’s assets in his returns when they were minor. She also alleged that the prime minister had misused his authority by illegally acquiring her records that were legally protected.

Referring to the money trail provided by PM Imran Khan pertaining to purchase of land in Bani Gala, Islamabad, Mrs. Isa said that the courts judge him ‘by a different yardstick’.

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