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Is Pakistani Society Essentially Patriarchal Or Psychologically Challenged?

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I always find patriarchal or misogynist behaviour deep rooted into psychological darkness. Lack of respect, love, empathy and humanity enforces regressive thought process. Individuals exhibiting rigid fundamentals are not usually mentally stable or content people. They either have gone through a havoc of childhood or have seen a disaster into relationships. Regression of basic instincts and desires sits back and comes out as a stingy monster implying repression as a rule of life. Such regressive thought not only springs from psycho-social roots but also gives rise to a whole new generation of psychotics exhibiting multiple abnormal behaviors as societal norms. We establish abnormal behaviors as Norms and then normalize those as set patterns for generations to follow involuntarily and unquestionably. Those who deny to comply to these standards are tagged as fascists and liberals or even graded as outcasts.

Faiz Ahmad Faiz’s words resonate with a guilty reverberation, “BOL kay lab azaad hain Taray”; (Speak, your lips are free yet).The permission to speak or silence, exist or exit, choose or chase has to come from an authority because a lesser gender was not born complete and capable. A self sufficient understanding of life and choice to decide the course of life is by no means a treacherous act as it is implied to be. This is as instinctive right to all genders as the Patriarchs boast of conserving.

The terms like “woman rights”, “trans-gender rights”, “Children rights”, “animal rights” as well as “woman abuse”, “child abuse”, “animal abuse” and “trans-gender abuse” imply an essentially dismantled facet of our civilization. How are we going to address this power dynamics and its consequential exploitation? We don’t need sermons about piety and grandeur of women in religious or cultural doctrines. We need an accelerated instruction of the psychologically challenged individuals exhibiting misogynistic demeanors. Women’s opinion, political or personal need not to be looked down upon in order to prove the patriarchal order absolute and right.

Subtlety of the patriarchal implications make the whole idea digestible and justified not only by the patriarchs but by the very subjects as well. These impressions are transferred as inheritance which stays with the generations with more or less mutations. More interesting is the fact that the power, liberty and immunity endowed to the subjects of patriarchal system do not qualify to be a right rather implies a broad mindedness and yet another privilege of the higher order.

This psycho-socially normalized behaviors can not not be justified as innocent and involuntarily operative. It is an individual’s contribution towards normalizing the norms which are actually human and based on equality. Innumerable research patterns have found out an equable part of environmental influences as well as individual’s own understanding of his existence and experience. It is his own peculiar understanding of life and people which will ensure his liberation from the peril of patriarchal trap.

Gender discrimination under the canopy of patriarchal and misogynistic paradigm is the most common as well as most critical layer of this inference. Nobody can infuse a woman’s equality and efficacy as a complete human being with different scope and space overnight. It can be cultivated as an essential ingredient of upbringing on academic, social and cultural levels. Cultural infusion is the intrinsically the most pivotal point to be focused at.

As a society, we might need a better and advanced mental health awareness regime. Extremely talented and kind people spend their lives fighting a mental issue and ruining not only his/her own life rather many people associated or dependent. They can be precious beings with a little bit of clinical or therapeutic help.
Our society thrives over the concept of shame and is driven by emotion. We need to inculcate emotional intelligence to act right in the middle of chaos. Along with feminist and patriarchal confrontations we might need a serious overview of the psycho-social aspects of the individuals who fail to understand or adapt to the normal strata of society. Healthy minds give rise to healthy lives and sick minds infect everyone related and even affect society by setting up yet another sickening instance of disease. Honor killing, harassment and abuse are just few instances of these situations. Problematic is the issue of never realizing that human beings can and do suffer from mental illness and it is as sickening as any other disease.

Power and paradigm of patriarchal enterprise isn’t a plateau to be fertilized with a singular idea rather it is a rocky hill to climb with a novel strategy at every step. This has to be done through media, literature and curriculum based on human understanding rather than on the basis of gender, race or color. An in-depth study and therapeutic instances may help out the souls suffering from patriarchal disorders by ensuring them that their prestige and value will be handled with care being terminally fragile.

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  1. Aziz December 16, 2020

    No offense but you should try writing in a manner in which non psychology/sociology majors can easily understand your work as well (especially when you’re writing for a general audience).
    Though I got your point (I think), the jargon and some of the English you used made it a bit of a headache to understand it easily.

  2. Sadia Nazir December 17, 2020

    Well articulated insight into mechanism of patriarchy. Yes this has become a psycho-social problem. You expressed it so well. More power to you and your pen.

  3. Sadia Akram December 17, 2020

    MashaAllah dimply Amazing, U gave another psychological angle to gender discrimination which is the base of this issue but be ready to face criticism as well since it is not easy for many to digest the narrative of equality between male and females so easily. Keep writing ✍️ stay bleseed

  4. Sadia Akram December 17, 2020

    MashaAllah simply Amazing, You have given another psychological angle to the gender discrimination which is the base of this issue but be ready to face the criticism as well since it is not easy for many to digest the narrative of equality between males and females so easily. Keep writing ✍️ stay blessed

  5. Misbah December 18, 2020

    Its true that the subtle language is necessary to understand but the very point u have choosen is the basic reason of disturbances of our society and its customs to which we have been clutched badly. Its just marvellous piece of writing. Love u!
    Stay blessed.

  6. Mudasar Hassan December 18, 2020

    Kudos to you for expressing your thoughts and opinion in such a comprehensive and bold style.
    I thoroughly enjoyed this read while having a cup of coffee. Keep doing amazing work. This is a different narrative but not unknown to society, you will feel a little resistance in the beginning but that will only encourage you more. God bless!

  7. Aisha December 18, 2020

    Extremely sensitive issue presented with extremely sensitive subtle yet deep insight covering all different aspects with perfection and mastery

  8. Rizwan December 18, 2020

    This seems a logical interpretation to abnormal patriarchal order and behavior. Very nicely written. Great luck 👍


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