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DJ Butt Arrested In Lahore Days Before PDM Rally

  • 27

With PDM rally ahead just days, DJ Butt was detained by the police at Model Town police station, to stop the sound system, chairs and other arrangements for the PDM Minar-e-Pakistan power show. The police ‘forcefully’ picked up DJ Butt amid his plea to show restraint.

Ironically, the ruling party issued a strong response when DJ Butt was arrested 6 years ago when we was managing the sound system for PTI’s dharna in 2014. PM Imran Khan had then tweeted: “Under what law is police arresting r workers who have been peaceful throughout? Arresting DJ Butt bec he did r music/lights is N’s tyranny.”

This time DJ Butt has been detained by his own government. He had assumed responsibility for organizing sound system at PDM’ jalsa in Lahore on Dec 13th. Social media users on Twitter were reminding Imran Khan for his changed stance.

The government spokespersons hold that these measures have been undertaken in view of the COVID pandemic and that large gatherings can turn into super-spreader events.

Hashtag #DJButt is circulating on Twitter to express solidarity with Butt, criticise his unlawful detainment, and govt’s infringement on basic rights.

On the other hand, opposition leaders added their sharp criticism that government was scared of PDM and wanted to sabotage its rally.

In the meantime,  journalists who wanted to cover this story were manhandled by the Punjab police.


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Naya Daur