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Blasphemous Search Results: Court Asks If FIA Can File Case Against Google

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Lahore High Court (LHC) has asked a federal law officer if the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) had the jurisdiction to lodge a case against Google over blasphemous search results.

The News reported that the petition was filed against Google seeking removal of blasphemous content. The petition was filed by Advocate Azhar Haseeb who wanted the government to take action and get the name of a leader of the Ahmadi community as caliph of Islam removed from Google’s database.

Pleading his case, the lawyer said that when an internet user writes “who is the present caliph of Islam” in the Google search engine, the name of an Ahmadi leader appears.

Justice Muhammad Qasim Khan hearing the petition directed an officer from FIA to assist in the case against Google if any blasphemous material is not removed.

The deputy attorney-general when question of this case comes under the jurisdiction of the FIA admitted that the FIA is responsible to take action against objectionable and blasphemous material available on the internet.

The judge ruled that FIA should establish wing to exclusively deal with blasphemous material. Furthermore, he also expressed concern over the situation. He said that the situation is getting worse day by day.
“What kind of Riasat-i-Madina is it that the basic responsibility is not being fulfilled”?


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