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2 Students Protesting Sexual Harassment On Campuses Arrested In Gilgit Baltistan

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Two students of Karakoram International University, Gilgit Baltistan, have been arrested for protesting alleged sexual harassment faced by the students on campus. The protest against the administrations for their inaction over sexual harassment in educational institutions began about two months ago.

Protests were held against the cancellation of scholarships, and rampant harassment of female students in institutions such as Karakoram University. Two students, Tauseef and Faisal, who were leading this campaign have been arrested under the charges that they are ‘enticing other students.’

Activists like Ammar Ali Jan have taken to Twitter to condemn the arrest of these students.


Students from the university also urged the release of the two arrested individuals and the removal of the Vice-Rector of Karakoram University, who according to them is the suppressor of student voices.


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