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Women Were Barred From Voting In GB Elections, Says Bilawal

Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Chairman Bilawal Bhutto claimed on Thursday that women voters were not allowed to vote in Gilgit Baltistan 2020 elections.

“From election day to today, PPP workers are exercising their democratic right and protesting this selected and incompetent prime minister [Imran Khan] in this harsh weather,” Bilawal said.

While talking about vote recount in GB, Bilawal said that the same election commissioner who was earlier saying that there was no rigging has now ordered recounting after being pressured by PPP workers.

Bilawal said that women in Tangir were not allowed to vote, adding that PPP will protect the women’s right to vote. He also talked about the picture of election commissioner meeting with Minister Ali Amin Gandapur.

“We have always said this is not an election commission, but PTI’s election wing,” said Bilawal.

“You have sold the public of Gilgit Baltistan. You have sold this land. You cannot handle this post. You are so shamelessly saying on national television that the elections were clean,” PPP chairman added.

He also said that PPP will not compromise on the rights of people.

Separately, PPP senator Sherry Rehman also showed concerns about women not being allowed to vote.

She said that GB chief election commissioner Raja Shahbaz Khan must immediately resolve the issue.

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