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Traders Say Will Join PDM If Forced To Close Shops

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Traders of Lahore on Friday vowed to keep their shops open despite the increasing number of coronavirus cases in the country.
They also said that they would join Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM)’s anti-government campaign if they are forced to close the businesses.
During a press conference in Lahore, All Pakistan Anjaman e Tajiran (APAT) President Ajmal Baloch and secretary Naeem Mir announced that they will not comply with the government’s orders of smart lockdown. They said that they will keep their shops open even after the allowed business hours.

They threatened the government that they would join the anti government campaign under the PDM’a banner if the government forces them to close their shops.

“We will keep our shops, marriage halls as well as educational institutions open to sustain our businesses,” they said while adding that people know how to keep themselves safe from the virus.

They said that the earlier lockdown had resulted in major losses so they will not comply with the orders of government.

“This incompetent, corrupt government has already financially ruined us by wasting millions of our hard-earned money under the guise of COVID-19,” the APAT members said.

There had been a surge in Coronavirus cases during recent weeks after which the government had announced restrictions including the business hours and small lockdowns.

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