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Pakistani Short Film Screened At 5 International Film Festivals

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Sindhi film ‘A Train Crosses The Desert’ has been featured by five international festivals. The festivals include Asian Film Festival, CMX – Itinerant Film Exhibition MX (Mexico), 8th Silk Road International Film Awards (Turkey), LIFFT India Filmotsav (India) and South Asian International Film Festival (NYC).

Written and directed by journalist Rahul Ejaz, the short film is one of the few films shot in a regional language. The director says the film portrays themes of grief, loss, death and music. “The film does not intend to serve a single purpose but leave it on viewers to take away whatever touches them.”

‘A Train Crosses the Desert’ was made in a day on a very small budget. The cast includes Tariq Raja, Nadia Hussain and Arshad Shaikh. The film will release online in Pakistan after the international festival season is over.


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