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Nail-Biter US Election Still Has No Winner

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In a riveting night of election in the United States, there is still no clear winner between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. The roller coaster election has shown an astronomical disconnect between polls and voting results.
Despite latest polls showing Democrat candidate Joe Biden leading in key swing states, the election is hanging in the balance with final results awaited in the following battleground states: Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia and Arizona.

Most states declared conclusively, as of now, have mirrored the traditional Republican and democrat inclinations. Biden is projected to win the likes of California, Minnesota, Massachussets, New York, Illinois, New Mexico and Colorado while the states called for Trump include the crucial state of Florida, Kansas, Missouri, South Carolina, Louisiana, Alabama. The crucial state of Ohio was also called for Trump despite late polls showing a Joe Biden lead.

The first major swing state showing a victory for Joe Biden is Arizona which carries 11 electoral votes.

Joe Biden gave a speech from his hometown in Delaware, asking for the total number of mail in ballots, numbering millions, to be counted before anybody can declare victory. Biden maintained he is on track to win the election. Donald Trump, yet to make a public statement, tweeted that the election was being ‘stolen’.

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