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KP Govt Officials Including Fazlur Rehman’s Brother Illegally Occupying Govt Houses

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Nine officers of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) government including Maulana Fazlur Rehman’s brother Ataur Rehman have illegally occupied government houses, Senate’s Standing Committee for States and Frontier Region (SAFRON) was informed by the officials of Ministry of SAFRON on Friday.

Others who have illegally occupied the houses are Deputy Inspector General (DIG) and columnist Fasih uddin and Secretary local government Jamal Uuddin.

The officials told that nine officers had occupied the ministry’s houses illegally. They had not evacuated the houses even after multiple notices.

The officials further said that three officers including Zia ur Rehman, Fasihuddin and Jamal uddin had illegally occupied the houses of 1.6 kanals, but the local government had failed to evacuate the houses.

Three other officers are said to have occupied 8marla houses while three others had occupied government’s flats.

These houses belong to the ministry of SAFRON

Senate’s standing committee on SAFRON held a meeting on Friday presided over by chairman Sajid Khan in which MNAs, officials from the ministry of SAFRON and the representatives of Afghan Commissionerate took part.

Sajid Khan ordered the government to evacuate houses at the earliest.

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