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Imran Khan Selection | Maryam Nawaz Hamza | Saudi Arabia Behind Nawaz | Pakistani News Headlines

Pakistan’s Top News Headlines Today: 1 – PM Imran Says Opposition’s Criticism Of Military Leadership Validates His ‘Selection’ 2 – Saudi Arabia is standing firmly behind Nawaz Sharif, says Arif Hameed Bhatti 3 – Fayyaz ul-Hassan Chohas removed from Information Ministry, Firdaus Ashiq Awan to become SACM 4 – Maryam Nawaz meets Hamza, Shehbaz in court, says PMLN is united 5 – PML-N, PPP Allege Pre-Poll Rigging In GB Elections As Minister Gandapur Violates Code Of Conduct #NayaDaur #Headlines #News #Pakistan

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