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‘Hypocrisy’: Tariq Jameel Under Fire For Attending Extravagant Wedding

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Religious scholar Maulana Tariq Jameel is being criticised on social media after it emerged that he allegedly received a million rupees for making dua at a lavish wedding ceremony on which more than 200 crore rupees were spent. The son and daughter of two companies Jalal Sons and Master Tiles tied the knot recently and their wedding festivities have been the talk of the town. Tariq Jameel was among the public figures invited to the ceremony. The wedding ceremony also featured dances from foreign dancers, but Tariq Jameel’s participation in the extravagant ceremony became the highlight of the event. Twitter users took strong exception to Jameel’s participation in the wedding saying that he preaches modesty and humbleness while he himself endorsed an unnecessary lavish wedding. Many people criticized Jameel over his “hypocritical”  stance regarding the “message of simplicity in Islam”.



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  1. Kazim November 11, 2020

    Iss mei kia burae hai? I don’t feel it anything bad. He remain respectful


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