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How Will Joe Biden’s Victory Impact US Relations With Pakistan?

Pakistani authorities are said to have already started their homework to deal with the new United States administration under President-elect Joe Biden.

Even though the relationship of Pakistan remained stable after initial hiccups with Trump administration, officials hope that Biden administration will be more predictable, Express Tribune reported on Monday.

Pakistan remained at the centre of Afghan Peace Talks and helped in brokering a peace deal under the Trump administration. Moreover, the country had a direct relation with White House through Senator Lindsay Graham who arranged Prime Minister Imran Khan’s visit to the US.

Even though such a luxury will not be available to Pakistan under Biden, the officials look at the bright side.

“Under Biden, the US will not hasten the troop withdrawal from Afghanistan,” a Pakistani official was quotes as saying. If this happens it will be a big success for Pakistan’s foreign office which is campaigning for a gradual withdraw of US troops from Afghanistan.

Joe Biden is in favour of gradually withdrawing troops from Afghanistan while keeping some troops for anti-terrorism .It is also reported by media that he will keep Zalmay Khalilzad as special representative on Afghanistan.

“Overall Biden is a better bet than maverick and unpredictable Trump,” another official said.

Pakistan also hopes that Biden will take a strong position against the human rights violation of India in Kashmir. “Overall Biden is a better bet than maverick and unpredictable Trump,” the official hoped.

“He (Biden) has a tilt towards India. There will not be change in terms of US policy towards India,” remarked Abdul Basit, former ambassador to India.

Officials remain hopeful that Biden sought a long term relationship with Pakistan referring to the Kerry-Lugar Bill which tripled the non-military aid to Pakistan. Senior officials and diplomats agreed that Pakistan needs to find more avenues in addition to security for a long term relationship with United States.

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