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Ending Trump’s Legacy Of Hatred A Herculean Task For President-Elect Biden

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No one could forecast during the 2016 US presidential race that the dinosaur of division was about to dribble through the entire social fabric of this great nation when Hillary Clinton became the fifth presidential candidate to lose the election despite winning the popular vote.

The current scene would go in history as vicious bifurcation, extreme scathing wedge witnessed by the land that had profoundly presented itself as the melting pot of nationalities; a homogenous comity of people that stood proudly for equality after its civil war.

The unfortunate events that led to the blitz of hate sentiments by the presidential campaigner, a nouveau rich devoid of ethos that built this great nation, has horrendous ramifications for generations to come.

His era was marked by fanning and flaring the delicate racial social ethos hence havocing the holy harmony prevalent before his advent on political paradigm.

Sadly, Mr Trump’s era brought the all powerful United States to its very knees, and crumbling under his catastrophic foreign and domestic policies.

The US is the highest in the world by GDP and net overall wealth and second-largest by purchasing power parity. This power couldn’t pay heed to the pulse of its own people, pushed under pressure, and squeezed several souls like George Floyd, kneeled and dismembered. It tarnished civic liberties and hammered its own people.

Trump’s presidential term bread and breathed on bifurcation, bulldozing the voice of conscious and justice be it media or civil society.

As a student of American history I was privileged to feel the enlightened yet fiery and heated crossfire on the lush green laws of the rose garden. Unfortunately, this rose garden’s greens echoed under this distressful presidential term with churns of ‘fake media fake news’ bullying trying to muzzle dissent.

Throughout the developing world especially during electioneering, opposing groups’ rants of interference and malpractice are commonly heard. But never ever one heard of such events transpiring on the American soil; the ghost of Komitet Gosudarstvennoy Bezopasnosti (KGB-the Committee for State Security of Moscow) mutilating the democratic fabric of today’s leading first world democracy.

It’s unfathomable that 331,002,651 souls equivalent to 4.25% of the total world’s population were pied piped by one person, choking dissent and rising on the wave of hatred, pumped into the system through ingenious manipulations of this robust nation’s electoral enterprise.

Eventually, the great American people rose to the occasion overcoming the simmering divide. Sanity prevailed, giving mandate to a presidential candidate who unlike his divisive predecessor wants to heel and help, not hound its people.

November 4, 2020 presidential election no doubt has brought in a positive change. But, the hatred whose seeds have been nurtured and sowed by Trump will haunt the American dream for generations to come.

President Biden needs to embark upon a progressive multi pronged strategy based on across the board assimilation and sociopolitical reform adopted in order to shun the shadows of scathing hatred infused in the society by his predecessor.

The president elect has enormous challenges ahead from the wall hysteria bifurcating the people at the domestic front to reengaging foreign front foes and friendly states thus embarking upon engagement and dialogue.

The newly elected president will not only engage the international world with a better perspective, he will hopefully domestically help heel the American nation.

As Washington and White House in the comity of nations has much larger role to play, it will be undoubtedly a colossal task for the the incoming president to reestablish the prestige of Oval Office tarnished by Trumpism’s brand of politics revolving around white supremacists, irrational dawn to dusk tweeting, and his obsessive personal narcissism.

Now the uphill task faced by the incoming administration under the sagacious President Biden would be the initiation of healing process, embarking on the path of pulling the nation together and overcoming the fissures that fractured the American dream.

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