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Education System Should Be Sensitive To Diversity Of Human Intelligence, Ability

Every single person born has a pre ordained journey. The journey that instills the drive to fulfill the specific allocated-purpose behind birth. But how does this pertinent purpose gets unveiled? And how do the divine journeys get accomplished?

There is always an automated drive; governed by motives to achieve journey. And motives never lead people astray; specifying of individual interests, random inclinations and persons’ capacities direct people towards the philosophy of self-fulfilling prophecy.

When no person is sent with the same allocated purpose, when the journeys are particular, when no drive is the same motive of two people sitting next to each other, how do we expect humans to be having the same capacities and abilities? Not everyone can do the same task equally well. Why should all be ranked on a single test? Be comparatively respected or valued based on varying performance? Every human already is worthy, enabled, valued and well-deserving to be respected. Every human holds particular attributes as adaptive features that assist to fulfill the particular divine duty. And when no human is sent with the same divine duty, how could the capacities be the same? Why should they be compared on a singular parameter or a sole ability while ignoring many others? Every human has a special innate set of capabilities which nature polishes at different instances in life.

The world of the 21st century is extraordinarily diverse. Those education or examination systems that negate all human capacities, testing just the memory, are simply on the verge of destruction. The destruction which is inevitable to engulf when human capacities are not understood, sometimes in the name of systematic incompetencies, false-egos of administrators, and at times social, religious, or ethnic biases. Even the great scientists like Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, the masterminds like Steve Jobs; all of them could not withstand and comprehend the singular, ridiculously too rigid methodology of education. On sharing his views regarding formal education, Albert Einstein once remarked: “The only thing which interferes with my learning is education.”

The great American psychometrician, Howard Gardener, presented “the theory of multiple intelligences”. His work indicates eight universal bits of intelligence i.e. visual-spatial, verbal-linguistic, musical, bodily-kinesthetic, interpersonal, intra-personal, logical-mathematical, naturalistic with the addition of “existential intelligence” as possibly the ninth intelligence discovered so far in humans. Humans are the universe on their own, and discouraging them based on lacking any specific ability is absolute non-sense. Rumi, the great theologian and Sufi mystic, proclaimed once, “Ordinary eyes categorize humans.” Understanding a human completely is as difficult as understanding some mystery of undiscovered galaxies; how come humans be categorized?

In the world of the 21st century, underestimating humane abilities would be a sin. Heinous and unforgivable one. With each advancing day, the credibility of skills is getting smartly modified. Although some skills which are high in demand as per modern standards might be preferred but others cannot be ignored. Humans are adapting to not only surviving but to living in the best way possible where lame, conventional judgments are obscure. This leaves the rudimentary education’s systematic chains and social norms in unabandoning crises with a big question mark in their very meaningless existential identity to date.

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