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CM Buzdar Loses His Cool, Scolds Ministers Over ‘Indiscipline’

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Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar during a cabinet meeting on Tuesday reportedly scolded School Education Minister Murad Raas for displaying ‘indiscipline’ in the middle of the meeting.

Reports indicate that Murad was snubbed by the chief minister for raising objections on the removal of Punjab School Education Department Secretary Sara Aslam. Murad protested that she was transferred unbeknownst to him. Buzdar rejected his concern and spoke to him in a harsh tone, asking why he raised the issue in the cabinet meeting.

Buzdar has been quoted as asking if the matter was urgent enough to be raised in the meeting when it was not on the agenda. The chief minister also said that her transfer was part of procedural requirements. He then went on to adopt a harsher tone and warned the cabinet members against ‘conspiring’. “I know who is conspiring against whom,” he said, adding that the ministers’ behaviour is forcing him to act like a [strict] chief minister.

Minister for Labour Resources Majeed Niazi was also snubbed by the chief minister during the meeting.

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