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BZU Seminar Featuring Activist Ammar Ali Jan Cancelled After ‘Unknown Students’ Term Him ‘Anti-State’

Bahauddin Zakria University cancelled a talk by activist Ammar Ali Jan after receiving an application from ‘unknown students’ accusing him of involvement in ‘anti state activities’.
The seminar was arranged by students of Bahaudin Zakariya University Multan on the “Roots of Climate Crisis” and Dr Ammar Ali Jan was one of the speakers. However, the university administration received an application from “unknown students” asking them to postpone the event because of Dr Ammar’s participation. The letter read that Ammar is involved in “anti-state” activities therefore he should not be allowed to speak at that event. Owing to the “external pressure”, the administration canceled the event.
Reacting to the cancellation, Ammar said: “Students invited us to speak on climate change at Bahauddin Zakaria University in Multan. This letter by “Namaloom students” declared me “anti-state” & forced postponement of the event.
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