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‘Blasphemy’ Murder: Slain Bank Manager Used to Scold Killer For Coming In Late

The bank manager who was shot and killed by a security guard in Khushab had scolded the murderer for coming late to work. The slain manager ‘s brother says that the security guard is using blasphemy allegations to cover up the crime.

Malik Imran Hanif, manager at a bank in Quaidabad Tehsil of Khushab was shot dead on Wednesday by the security guard of the bank.

The CCTV footage showed that the murderer came in the room of the manager and sat on the clients’ chair. He then stood up and shot the manager without saying anything.

The guard was handed over to the police by the people outside the bank, but was immediately released on the pressure by people from the nearby mosque.

According to Khushab District Police Officer Tariq Wilayat, Nawaz claimed that he shot Hanif because he was an Ahmadi and had blasphemed against Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). The brother of Hanif said registered an FIR against the guard. “The guard used to come late to work over which Hanif scolded him and called him out,” his statement said.

“He’s using blasphemy charges to protect himself. My nephew never insulted the Prophet (pbuh) and we have no connection with Ahmadis.” the brother of slain manager told Samaa TV on Thursday.

According to his acquaintances, Hanif was a religious man and he was also running a campaign on social media to ban the products of France because of blasphemous cartoons.

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