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Armed Men Break Into Former President Farooq Laghari’s House In Islamabad

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Four armed men reportedly barged into the house of ex-president Farooq Laghari in Islamabad and injured his servants early on Friday.

The former president’s son Awais Leghari and his mother live in the house which was raided by armed men. However, they were not present when the incident took place.

The armed men jumped the walls and entered into the house, reported Dawn News.
When the servants cried for help, the armed men escaped.

Awais Leghari reported the incident to the police.

Another police officer said that it could be a house robbery attempt. He added that the robbers escaped after the resistance from servants. He also said that the police will investigate the incident from all angles.

A house servant who was present in house at the moment of incident said that the armed men entered into the house at 1am when Leghari and his mother were not at home.


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