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‘Will Expose All Stories’: Talal Chaudhry Responds To PM Imran’s ‘Tanzeem Saazi’ Jibe

Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) leader Talal Chaudhary has condemned comments made against him by Prime Minister Imran Khan over a recent incident involving him. In an address to the Lawyers Insaf Forum on Friday, Imran Khan had taken a jibe at Talal Chaudhary without naming him.  “I will fully respond to every attack made against me by him (Imran Khan),” Talal Chaudhry said in a tweet.

The PM had referred to Talal Chaudhary without explicitly naming him. Imran Khan joked about a recent incident involving Talal Chaudry wherein he was beaten up by the brothers of a female party member. Talal had taken the position that the argument that lef to the brawl was over ‘tanzeem saazi’  [organizational restructuring].

Imran Khan had further stated that he was surprised even senior members of the party believe that former prime minister and leader of PML-N Nawaz Sharif had taken money out of the country legally.

Responding to these comments Talal Chaudhary tweeted that “Imran Khan has proven that small-minded people occupy important positions in this country,” Imran Khan’s attacks on various high profile members of PML-N is proof that the opposition is on his nerves, claimed Tallal Chaudhary.

“After this, I have the right to expose all the stories, from California’s courts to Pakpattan,” Talal Chaudhary said. He further stated that the government has stooped so low as to use women’s names to create scandal which is pitiful. “Imran Khan will not be able to show his face in politics again after the level he has stooped,” Tallal Chaudhary said, “His nervous state of mind is clear.”

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