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Tiger Force Holds Protest Against Govt’s Indifference, Demands Legal Cover

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Insaf Tiger Force (ITF) as well as the shopkeepers are displeased over the government’s decision to give the volunteers the powers to check increasing prices of essential commodities and hoarding in markets across the country.

Express Tribune reported that ITF volunteers on Tuesday staged a protest in front of the Lahore Press Club seeking legal cover to their services. They also urged the government to give respect to volunteer service.
The volunteers claimed that they were previously being humiliated by doctors and now traders are also treating them with disrespect. “We have tiger force caps and jackets, but our services do not have a legal cover,” they said.
A member of the force was quoted as saying that Prime Minister Imran Khan still respected the volunteer services rendered by the tiger force. “But other leaders of the party do not remember their services during PTI’s 2014 sit-in in Islamabad.”

Another member of the Tiger Force said that they faced police brutality while fighting for ‘change’, but when our party is in power, we are still being insulted on roads.
Meanwhile, traders are also unhappy with the Tiger Force checking the prices of essential commodities. They say that the tiger force members know nothing about business or trade.

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