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Satnam From Indian Punjab Composes A New Song With Lyrics From A Pakistani Poet

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Satnam Punjabi is a budding Punjabi singer whose mission is to make people aware of the great heritage of the land of the five rivers. A highly educated young man, he is pursuing his PhD from Punjabi University, Patiala. Satnam is working on the ‘Contribution of Pammi Bai in the Tradition of Punjabi Folk Music’.

Born in a small village near Malerkotla, district Sangrur(Indian Punjab), Satnam Punjabi was mentored by Paramjit Singh Lali initially who was a famous folk singer in his own right. Later, he got a chance to sing with Pammi Bai. He sang the traditional Punjabi ‘Bolian’ that were immensely liked by the people. Satnam Punjabi, 29, also got a chance to sing in Punjabi movie ‘Dara’ . He has worked on other films also but what makes him different from the other singers is devotion for the rich cultural heritage of Punjab. He has tried to present the old classical tunes of the Punjabi music in the new style. Recently he has picked up a poem of Tariq Gujjar ‘Mein Dharti  Des Punjab Dee’ and has  sung a song titled ‘Gata Hai Punjab’.

He said that he selected Pakistani Punjabi poet Tariq Gujjar due to the fact the he is a resistance poet and he always advocates for a secular and peaceful world. Satnam Punjabi has sung the new song ‘Gata Hai Punjab’ in the classical metre of ‘Mirza Sahiban’ and is very enthusiastic about it. He plans to revisit all the folk stories of Punjab in the coming years.

Popularity is not his cup of tea. He believes in liberal and humane content so as to bring the people of both Punjabs closer to each other. He is very enthusiastic about his upcoming song and believes that it will spread peace, love and the message of humanity.

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  1. Tariq Mahmood October 12, 2020

    Satnam seems to be a genuine singer who believes in humanity, Peace _Harmony a cross the border.. Looks he wish to prevail this theme through the force of secular values of Punjabi music poetry & art.
    Altaf p wrote this artical beautifully,. His “USLOOB”is unique as he links all the relevant details an artistic.. Very good artical indeed.. Worth reading for Punjabi lovers 👍

  2. Rashid Anjum October 13, 2020

    East and West Punjab’s cultures Zindabad
    Veer Tariq Gujjar Gee Te Veer Satman Gee Nu Wadayaan

    Love From Canada


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