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Prime Suspect Of Motorway Rape Evaded Arrest Using Face Mask

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Abid Malhi, the prime accused in the Lahore motorway rape case, has revealed how he was able to evade arrest for almost a month before being caught on Monday evening.

Media reports quoted Malhi as saying that he travelled through different cities in Punjab via public transport while wearing a face mask. He told the police that he had escaped to Nankana Sahib after committing the crime while his accomplice, Shafqat, went to Dipalpur.

As the police chased him, Malhi escaped to Bahawalpur from Nankana Sahib. In Bahawalpur, the suspect was able to evade the police once again and hid its identity by wearing a mask on his face. He was finally nabbed after he contacted his wife for money.

In his statement to the police, the suspect said that the three of them robbed people near Karol village. Shadqat and Malhi went towards the jungle in Karol, according to his statement. He further said that the woman’s car caught their attention due to its flashing indicators. “When I saw a woman inside, I told her to come out. But when she refused to come out, I broke the car’s window and forcibly took her outside.” he said.

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