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Outrage As Sexual Harassment-Accused Ali Zafar Appointed Ambassador Of Namal Knowledge City

Prime Minister Imran Khan’s decision to appoint singer Ali Zafar, who is an accused in a sexual harassment case, as the ambassador of the Namal Knowledge City has generated criticism on social media.

A user questioned the direction in which the country was headed.


Another user tweeted that the state machinery and the powerful people who supported Ali Zafar should know that they have silenced countless victims.

Activist Aimen Bucha wrote, “The Pakistani State really does hate women. It is not an Imran Khan problem. It is a patriarchal state problem. We saw this in the democratic and dictatorial governments which came before him as well”

Journalist Benazir Shah tweeted that it was a clear message to women in Pakistan.

Another Twitterati noted that the state appears to be supporting Ali Zafar since the time he was accused of harassment and asked if Zafar is going to become the president one day.


Some users also wondered as to why the government chose to appoint Ali Zafar as the ambassador when others such as singer and philanthropist Shahzad Roy have done significant work for the education sector.



Another user tweeted that Imran Khan has chosen to stand on the side of a person who is the subject of harassment allegations.


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