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National Assembly Body Approves Bill Granting One-Month Paternity Leave To Fathers

A bill granting one-month paternity leave was approved by National Assembly’s standing committee on Law and Justice. According to the bill, one month paternity leave will be given to fathers after the birth of their first three children.

On the birth of first child, a six-month maternity leave will be given to the mother while the father will get one month paternity leave. On the birth of second child, the maternity leave will be reduced to 4 months and on the birth of third child the maternity leave will be reduced to three months. The time for the paternity leave will be same after the birth of the first three children.

The law will be applicable to all the government and private institutions in the federal capital only.

The bill was moved by Qurattul Ain Marri, a legislator from Sanghar. Her sister, Shazia Marri tweeted that the bill took one and a half year to be drafted.

She said, “Extremely happy and immensely proud to share that two important bills moved by Senator Quratulain Marri have finally been passed by the NA standing committee on Law & Justice after their passage from Senate.”

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