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Maryam Nawaz Launches ‘Sher Jawan’ Movement To Fight Injustice

Pakistan Muslim League – N (PML-N) Vice President Maryam Nawaz has launched a movement named ‘Sher Jawan’ for the youth with the aim to fight inequality and injustice.

In a tweet, she said that students were at the forefront of Quaid-e-Azam’s struggle for freedom. “Tomorrow will mark the beginning of Sher Jawan Movement. It is your movement,” she added.

In another tweet she said to the youth that they will have come forward for upholding Quaid’s principles of democracy, constitution and sanctity of the vote.

The launch ceremony of “Sher Jawan” will be held tomorrow at the central secretariat of PML-N. Maryam Nawaz, Ahsan Iqbal and other prominent leaders of PML-N will be the chief guests of the event.

Maryam Nawaz had visited the sit in of Baloch students for the restoration of reserved seats and scholarships in front of Punjab Assembly last week. The gopromised to restore the scholarships of these students while the students belonging to FATA are still sitting outside the house of Governor Punjab for their scholarships which were cut two months ago.

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  1. Ayesha November 1, 2020

    Our beloved Pakistani youngsters. Ever heard of monarchies within democracies? Well, all you need to do is ask Maryam from the hukmran khandaan if any of you could ever dream of leading PMLN & thus becoming a PM yourself someday? Will the Sharifs let you ever rise above them?
    If you are being gathered to groom you it is for slavery to the Sharifs who only expect your servitude. If they were truly interested in your well-being you could dream big & hope to be a PM as a PMLN candidate. Ask them why you need to be a Sharif to rule?
    Sherjawan my left toe! They would want you to be sherkayghulam and that’s all you’ll ever be…
    Next time when Maryam aspires to emulate IK’s Tiger force, remind her that any of them could be a PM someday on the PTI ticket in shaa Allah. I think she’ll soon tell you all to take a hike or lie through her nose & make promises she won’t keep!
    Kings and queens rule and never allow non-royalty to aspire to reach the throne. All they can muster are followers! So it is with the Sharifs and Bhuttos! Selfless leaders like IK create more leaders. Have some self-respect and smell the coffee!


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