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How I Was Bullied For Covering A Protest Against Balochistan Govt

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A systematic cyber campaign was launched against me by two groups named Voice of Balochistan and Quetta Online wherein they resorted to hateful tweets. It all started when I reported on the recent visit of Prime Minister Imran Khan to Balochistan. My news story mentioned that a group of youngsters was introduced to the PM in a meeting as ‘social media influencers and YouTubers’ of Balochistan.

But after the PM left the province, a group of notable YouTubers and social media activist of Balochistan staged a protest demonstration in front of Quetta Press Club against what they called unfair treatment by the provincial government and district administration. Among the protestors were the YouTubers whose channel got an award of silver button from Youtube. The protestors were of the opinion that the bloggers who met with PM were strangers and seen for the very first time, while the actual bloggers of the province were ignored.

The hate campaign on social media that erupted after my story labelled me a CIA agent, abused my family and went as far as editing an inappropriate chat to include my name. The campaign continued for four days.

Questioning district administration and ruling government is the right of every citizen as recognized in Article 19A of the constitution. But I was bullied for reporting a protest against the government.

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  1. Jimmy October 12, 2020

    Is this the best journalism Nayadaur can offer?
    Would be interesting to know who funds this publication?


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