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Group Of Ahmadi-Hating Youngsters Deface Dr Abdus Salam’s Photo In Gujranwala

A group of youngsters affiliated with Youth Parliament defaced a photo of Pakistan’s first Nobel laureate Dr Abdus Salam at Science College in Gujranwala. Chanting slogans against the Ahmadi community, they disfigured the banner featuring nuclear physicist Abdus Salam.

A video doing the rounds on social media showed the crowd abusing members of the Ahmadi community and claiming to have foiled a conspiracy against Islam by removing Dr Abdus Salam’s photo from the banner.

Ahmadi community in Pakistan is frequently targeted in hate campaigns and the police turn a blind eye to incitement of violence against them. Dr Abdus Salam, a celebrated nuclear scientist, was never properly acknowledged in Pakistan due to his Ahmadi faith.

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