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‘Gen Zaheerul Islam Had Sent Malik Riaz To Nawaz To Ask Him For Resignation’

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Former Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) chief Lt Gen Zaheerul Islam had sent Bahria Town owner Malik Riaz to former prime minister Nawaz asking him to step down from the top post or face a military coup.

In a Youtube video, journalist Rauf Klasra said that realtor was in a fix when he was asked to convey the ISI chief’s message to Nawaz Sharif because he couldn’t just go and ask the PM to quit.

A day earlier, Nawaz, who is seeking medical treatment abroad, had said the entire country knows what the former ISI chief had done. He claimed that Zaheerul Islam had at midnight sent him a message seeking his resignation. “He threatened to impose martial law if I didn’t step down but I refused to resign at all costs,” Nawaz had added.

Soon after Nawaz Sharif claimed that he was told to resign by Gen Zaheerul Islam, PM Imran Khan said he would take on anyone who dares to tell him to step down as a democratically-elected PM.

“He [Nawaz] claims he was told by the army… Gen Zaheerul Islam… to resign. You are the PM… how can he dare to demand so from you?” the premier said while speaking to senior journalist Nadeem Malik in an interview.

When asked what would Imran Khan do if he is asked to resign, the premier said he, being the prime minister, would immediately ask for that person’s resignation. “I am the country’s PM,” he said, to which Malik asked him if he would fire that person.

“Who can dare to ask me to step down? I am a democratically-elected PM,” the premier responded.

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