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CM Murad Says Was Threatened With Sindh Govt’s Dismissal Upon Refusal To File Case Against Captain Safdar

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Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah has said that a federal minister had threatened him that the provincial government would be ‘dismissed’ if it did not let a case be filed against PML-N leader Capt (retd) Safdar, adding that he refused to cow down to pressure.
While addressing the Sindh Assembly, the chief minister said that he was given an ultimatum by a federal minister who told him that the Sindh government would face consequences if the FIR was not registered.
The CM’s startling statements comes a day after senior Sindh police officials applied for leaves to recover from “shock” after the Captain (r) Safdar arrest episode.
Questioning the federal government for the threat, he said: “Are we a colony of the federal government?”
Murad further said that he had told the federal government that the ‘respect of our guests’ was more important than our government.


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  1. muradsphere October 22, 2020

    If Sindh CM thinks the province is treated like a colony, it is a bad omen. Imran Khan shall apologise if what is told 8n assembly is true.


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