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China Leading Covid Vaccine Race As US Remains Missing In Action

A global collaboration known as ‘COVAX’ is in play to accelerate the testing, treatment, development, preparation, completion and equitable distribution of COVID-19 vaccines. In this ‘pool’ created under COVAX, more and more countries not only share their experiences, research and findings but also the major economies invest in the financial resources needed to carry out this research, to speed up the development of vaccines against this disease in order to find the effective and safe treatment by taking advantage of each other’s experience.

The priority of COVAX is to help developing and under developed countries receive vaccines and to raise funds for the research and development by the end of 2021, along with providing at least 2 billion doses of the vaccine to low income countries.

This was the objective of COVAX. 172 countries, along with various agencies have become partner to this goal. 76 of these are developed countries with strong economies. These countries are funding research while also sharing their experiences and resources to help move this project forward.

The participation of these countries in this project is a testament to their sense of responsibility towards solving global issues. Looking at China’s role in this regard, so far the country is at the forefront of vaccine research and development. However, what is noteworthy and surprising in this regard is that United states, which is the ‘super power’ or the ‘world leader’, has neither joined nor supported this project of human survival.

There are currently nine vaccines in the third phase of clinical trials around the world, out of which four are from China, and the remaining five from the US, Germany, Russia and the United Kingdom. The remarkable aspect here is not the number of vaccines but China’s promise, since day one, of providing it for the sake of humanity as ‘global public good’, beyond any financial interest.

China has claimed to introduce easy to-buy goods to the global market and has reiterated that its first priority will be developing countries and the countries where the purchasing power of the people is extremely low there the vaccine will be provided on a much lower cost. This sense of responsibility and humanitarianism shown by China has been highly praised by the international community.

At such a time when not only is China and COVAX sharing the same goal, but China being a large economy that is financially committed to strengthening health cooperation, China’s formal collaboration with COVAX in research and development is a very welcoming and encouraging, as China continues to share its experiences and findings in the field of research, also being the leading country in vaccine development and by joining the global alliance has given it a new impetus.

In the international media ,China has been praised very prestigiously for its involvement in COVAX along with the overall role in the situation but at the same time the question has been raised that at a time when the world needs a leader where is the ‘number one country’ of the world? When it is the time to play a constructive role, America is completely absent from the scene. And when it comes to creating hurdles in the way of making vaccines, calling names and manipulating facts, creating chaos and confusion, the American government is seen very active. Can a ‘super power’ afford such irresponsibility?

The responsibility of a big country is ‘construction’ not ‘destruction’. Does the ‘powerful country’ realize that unity and cooperation is the only solution for human survival at this time? The British newspaper ‘The Guardian’ says that China’s involvement in the project is a sign of confidence in the global solidarity to fight the pandemic, which has resultantly boosted China’s image, as China is the largest economy to oppose ‘vaccine nationalism’.

‘The Washington post’ praised China’s role saying that after the spread of covid-19 in China, the Chinese government not only quickly curbed the spread of the virus inside its border but also donated masks, medical equipment, & other supplies abroad, which has further strengthened the global position of China, now China’s participation in COVAX is a testament to China’s commitment to ‘unite against the pandemic’.

According to the Bloomberg News, China’s attitude is positive that it will participate in the WHO led ‘practical plan for the development of a novel coronavirus vaccine’. China’s participation has filled the gap in the global health leadership caused by the United States government.

Someone wise once said to keep your intentions pure, & those who wish you bad will fall on their face, and at the moment we are seeing that China has not only won the battle against this disease in their own country but has also come closer to other countries by helping them in every possible way. Recent developments have also made the international community open their eyes to the visible difference between being called a ‘super power’ and fulfilling the responsibilities of a ‘super power’.

On one hand we see a ‘super power’ that is very actively engaged in blame and menace, and has not shown any remarkable effort towards the relief of its own people let alone the people of the world, nor has shown any noteworthy or even constructive progress on the international level.

And then there is China, that is not claiming to be a ‘super power’ nor has claimed to be the world leader, but has shown by tools of responsible behavior what a ‘super power’ should behave like. China also lays down the standards for humanity and clarifies the importance and usefulness of building a community of shared future.

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  1. lakhani October 25, 2020

    China unleashed Wuhan virus after it had developed low standard vaccine. Stop fooling the world communist dictators. Free Hong Kong, free Xinjiang, Free inner Mongolia and free Tibet

    How much was Sara paid or motivated to parrotbpraises on China Communist Party, killer of Uyghurs?


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