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Bahria Town Forcibly Occupies Land In Malir, Attacks Villagers

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In an attempt at further expansion, Bahria Town Karachi has started occupying lands in Ali Muhammad Gabol Goth, a village on the outskirts of Karachi, while forcing the locals to vacate the land in line with an alleged Supreme Court order.

The Karachi chapter of the Awami Workers Party (AWP) shared a video of a resident of Ali Muhammad Gabol Goth, wherein he said that Bahria has demolished ‘their graveyard and took control of the eidgah land’.

“Bahria has demolished our graveyard, they’ve illegally occupied the eidgah land, they’re closing in on us saying that Supreme Court has given this land to Bahria,” AWP quoted the person as saying.

AWP leader Hafeez Baloch said Bahria Town has been taken over lands since its establishment in the city. He said Bahria takes land by force if people don’t agree to sell it to them. “They used SSP Rao Anwar to occupy land in past,” he added. Faiz Muhammad Gabol was one example where Bahria took over his land by force, he added.

He said Arbab Muhammad Gabol Goth was encroached by Bahria and its cemetery was destroyed, adding that similar treatment is being meted out to Ali Muhammad Gabol Goth.

Social media users shared the pictures and videos of the demolition drive being carried out by Bahria Town.

Reacting to the Bahria Town’s initiative to drive locals out of their land, activist Ammar Ali Jan wrote: “Bahria town has dispossessed hundreds of people while being subsidized by public money. Sindh govt, federal govt & media are all helpless in front of Malik Riaz. Real Estate mafia is a ‘state above state’ that must be held accountable.”

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