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Avoid The Rigid Dough While Making Your Own Pizza

Last Sunday, my cousin threw us a pizza party to celebrate his son’s first birthday. While eating the scrumptious pizza, I went into a completely different zone — away from work stress. I didn’t have to worry about who tweeted what and whether that could go on the next day’s pages. While having a good time, I thought about writing about the pizza itself. I mean, let’s face it, in an environment where we can’t write about things that matter, there is no harm in writing about things that don’t matter — like pizza. 

Primarily an Italian dish, pizza is more popular in the United States. Michelangelo, one of the four Ninja Turtles, used to love it. Joey — a FRIENDS character — would eat pizza all the time. So, yes, there is a link between the US and the pizza I am talking about, but — and just for the sake of clarity — the link doesn’t go beyond the pop culture references I have stated here.  

Making pizza is not difficult, but it does require a set of skilled hands. The first thing that you need to bake it is dough. Now, you have to be extra careful when it comes to dough. There is a term that I’d like to introduce and use — dissenting dough. It is a kind of dough that refuses to budge to your orders. For your pizza, you don’t need this rigid dough at all. You have to make it soft — so that it can be moulded into whatever shape you like. To make the dough softer, the sky is the limit. You can beat it, throw it against the counter and use whatever force you want to. The key is soft dough, so make sure you play your cards right.  

The next important ingredient in pizza is cheese. Now, get the most delicious cheese — milk the cow on your own if you have to. Don’t hesitate when milking it and squeeze the last drop of milk out of it. Hey, don’t worry about the calves; they’ll survive on their own — God promise. 

Once that’s done, you will have to pay attention to toppings. While there are many options available, many chefs go with the onion. This multi-layered vegetable is packed with taste. You have to be careful about all these layers and see that they are aligned. Once they are perfectly aligned, you will have no problem in using them. However, if any one of the layers falls apart, the entire pizza would be at risk. Be very very careful when dealing with onions — they may even make you cry. 

At last, to elevate the flavours of the pizza and to make it popular across the world, you should get ‘chicken’. Truth be told, people love chicken — especially those who live abroad — because it is relatively cuter than others (and doesn’t really make any noise). 

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