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Asim Bajwa No Longer The Chairman Of CPEC Authority

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Lt General (r) Asim Saleem Bajwa recently resigned as Special Assistant to the PM on Information and Broadcasting and his resignation was accepted by the PM. But the former military spokesman no longer holds the chairmanship of CPEC Authority either, because the ordinance providing legal cover to the authority has lapsed.

Bajwa has not tendered his resignation as the head of the authority and continues to administratively hold the position. However, the CPEC Authority is currently operating without any legal mandate, The News reported.

Asim Bajwa announced on Monday that PM Imran Khan has approved his resignation as SAPM. “I requested the honourable Prime Minister to relinquish me from the additional portfolio of SAPM on Info & broadcasting. He very kindly approved my request,” he tweeted.
The News quoted a senior official as saying that the ordinance that was used to facilitate Bajwa’s appointment as CPEC Chairman has lapsed which means that he cannot continue to hold the chairmanship.
Further, the report says that during a recent meeting of CPEC parliamentary committee, a senior official of the CPEC Authority (not Asim Bajwa) faced embarrassment when members of the committee asked as to why he was formally attending the discussions when the CPEC Authority ordinance has lapsed.

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  1. abduk hamid 1965 October 14, 2020

    So there is no authority to monitor CPEC? Is Bajwa, the sardar of punjab , going to be in trouble soon?


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