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APS Mastermind Was In Contact With Indian Consulate During Attack, Says NSA Moeed Yusuf

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Prime Minister’s adviser on national security Moeed Yusuf claimed that Pakistan had proof that the mastermind of Army Public School (APS) attack was in contact with an Indian consulate during the massacre. He expressed these views in a interview to Indian outlet The Wire.

NSA Yusuf held India responsible for terror attacks in Pakistan, saying that India was also involved in attacks on a hotel in Gwadar, the Chinese consulate in Karachi and Pakistan Stock Exchange. He also claimed that India made use of a consulate in a ‘neighbouring country’ to carry out these attacks.

He also accused India of spending $1 million to merge Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) and four other terror groups. Yusuf said that the merger took place in Afghanistan and was supervised by RAW officials.

The national security adviser further said that a militant involved in the Chinese consulate attack in Karachi, was provided medical treatment at a hospital in New Delhi, pointing to India’s involvement in the attack. Yousuf also said that the Indian embassy in Kabul was funneling money to terrorists in Balochistan through think-tanks.

Moeed Yousuf told the Indian outlet that India had sent Pakistan a ‘message for a desire for conversation’. He however added that any dialogue pertaining to the issue that takes place between India and Pakistan must have Kashmiris as a third party.


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