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13-Year-Old Christian Girl Allowed To Go With 44-Year-Old Abductor-Husband

Sindh High Court has given the custody of Arzoo Raja, a 13-year-old Christian girl to the 44-year-old man who allegedly abducted the child and forcibly married her after converting her to Islam.
The court ruled that the girl married the man out of her own free will which is why the man cannot be arrested by the police.

The parents of Arzoo Raja filed a First Investigation Report (FIR) against the 44 year old man who abducted their daughter and forcefully converted her to Islam. The father of girl told the police that her daughter was abducted in the morning of October 13 when he and his wife had gone to work. After the FIR, the man who abducted her came to court with a marriage certificate in which the age of the girl was mentioned as 18 years old.

In a subsequent hearing, the parents of Arzoo brought the birth certificate of Arzoo to the court which stated 2007 as her birth year. Even though the birth certificate proved that she was thirteen years old, the court ruled that the marriage was legal.
A video of Arzoo’s mother in which she lost consciousness after the decision, went viral on social media.

After the video of Arzoo’s mother surfaced on social media, people were enraged and demanded justice for the girl.



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