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Veteran Actor Shakeel Falls Ill, Requests Prayers For Health

  • 26

Shakeel is one of the most respectable names of our showbiz industry, with blockbuster dramas to his credit like “Uncle Urfi”, “Parchaiyaan”, “Angan Terha”, “Ankahi”, “Uroosa”, “Udaari” and “Kankar” to name only a few.

The veteran actor who has devoted his whole life to the service of Pakistan’s entertainment field is currently ill, and frequently visiting the hospital for his treatment.

“My health is gradually failing,” he says. “My last three days were also spent in the hospital. I got my angiogram done and will probably be visiting the hospital again for my angioplasty.”

Shakeel sahib disclosed his condition when I, as an entertainment journalist, reached out to him to enquire regarding any upcoming television or film projects. In response, he told that his deteriorating health was not allowing him to work, and all that he was focusing on these days was his treatment. All the same, he requested that the news about his health be disclosed so that his fans can also pray for his quick recovery and better health.


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