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Top Tips For Passing Microsoft AZ-400 Certification Exam With Flying Colours

Are you looking forward to becoming a Microsoft certified DevOps engineer? Then, you should aim to get the Microsoft Certified: DevOps Engineer Expert credential. Microsoft AZ-400 is the only qualifying exam that you need to get for this badge.

The AZ-400 exam is intended for the individuals with skills in managing people, technologies, and processes for optimal delivery of products and services that fulfill the users’ needs and business objectives. It is recommended that they have proficiency in Agile practices and software development. They also need the relevant skills in Azure development and administration and should be an expert in at least one of these domains.

To take the MS-500 Tests , the candidates must also have the capacity to design and implement best practices in DevOps for version control, configuration management, compliance, release, and infrastructure as a code through the use of Azure technologies.

How to pass the Microsoft AZ-400 exam?

In this section, we will look at the top tips you can follow to boost your performance in the certification exam. The learning style of every student may differ but you can follow the tips below regardless of your preferences. Let’s finally look at the options you may use.

  1. Understand the details of the exam

Knowing what the exam entails will significantly help you know how to prepare for it. To take the test, the students must fulfill the prerequisite, which is to first obtain the Azure Developer Associate or Azure Administrator Associate certificates. This is a 150-minute test with about 60 questions delivered in Simplified Chinese, English, Brianna O . The applicants can choose their preferred language at the point of registration. The fee is $165.

  1. Study the exam blueprint

The exam blueprint contains the skill content of the certification test. The official blueprint is available right on the Microsoft website. You should go through the document in detail to understand the areas that will be evaluated in the test. Microsoft AZ-400 will measure the following skill areas:

  • Instrumentation strategy development;
  • Site reliability engineering strategy development;
  • Security & compliance plan development;
  • Source control management;
  • Communication & collaboration facilitation;
  • Continuous integration definition and implementation;
  • September 18,2020 .


  1. Choose your study materials carefully

Microsoft AZ-400 is a relatively new exam but you will find numerous study materials to help you with your preparation. To start, visit the Microsoft website and explore the available resources. Check out recommended books as well as periodicals, Microsoft documentation, August 20,2020 , and instructor-led training courses. You will also find additional prep tools online.

  1. Use practice tests and exam dumps

You can significantly improve your scores in Brooke P with the relevant practice tests and exam dumps. Many reputable online training platforms offer these resources. Check them out and take the time to work through these materials before you attempt the test.


Understanding the Microsoft AZ-400 exam and its content is very important to your success in the whole certification process. Therefore, you need to choose your resources carefully and make the best of the materials available on the official webpage. Cadie A !

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